NCCCP Speakers at UOP

Joint Event with SCCP-Pacific

In an inaugural joint venture between NCCCP and SCCP-Pacific, Drs. Patricia Montgomery and Kimberly Hawk introduced an audience of 98 primarily first year students to the field of clinical pharmacy by sharing what brought them into the profession and describing the work that they do. The NCCCP pharmacist speakers also discussed changes they see coming for the profession, offered tips on getting a residency, and explained what they feel sets ACCP and NCCCP apart from other organizations.

SCCP-Pacific president, Janice Park reported, “The speaker event was great! A large number of students were interested in the topic, and we received lots of positive feedback from the audience. Drs. Montgomery and Hawk were both wonderful speakers. We really enjoyed hearing their stories and insight into clinical practice. Again, we really appreciate your help in making this event a success.”

Kristina Hoh (SCCP-Pacific Vice President of Professional Affairs 2017), and Janice Park (SCCP-Pacific President 2017)

SCCP-Pacific and NCCCP collaborate to bring practicing clinical pharmacists to UOP to share their insights with pharmacy students

Clinical pharmacists share their careers

NCCCP CE Coordinator for the Greater Sacramento Area, Patricia Montgomery, Pharm.D. (left) and NCCCP member Kimberly Hawk, Pharm.D. (right) speak about the arc of their careers and their view of the profession’s future.

Exploring career paths

Nearly 100 primarily first year pharmacy students at the University of the Pacific attended.

The Wide World of Pharmacy

Topics covered included the day-to-day aspects of clinical pharmacist careers, the future of pharmacy, tips for getting a residency, and benefits of ACCP/NCCCP membership.